Channie’s 2 Pack Dry Erase Multiplication Memory and Practice Chart 18″ x 12″ Single & Double digit Math Practice

  • Made especially for second, third, and fourth grade kids, this visual educational tool helps elementary school children practice and memorize multiplication tables from 1-9
  • These teaching aids are loved by teachers, parents and homeschoolers as a great complement to primary school math books that encourage academic discipline, independent student work and a love for multiplication
  • Can be used as 4 posters (2 sheets double sided). All Dry erase posters for repetitive practices. One poster is for memory chart (1-9), one poster for practice basic 1-9 multiplication chart. One poster for single digit multiplication with two sections on the poster: top section is for practices with given problems, lower section is for creating your own problems to practice. One poster is for double digit multiplication that combine both practice problems and blank section for own problems.
  • Students’ responses wipe off easy so they can repeat and learn basic multiplication facts, while also mastering penmanship — but they’ll enjoy it as much as toys and games
  • A portable educational tool, it’s easy to take it on the go for car trips, vacations or simply from family room to kitchen table



Little 9 Numbers Easy Multiplication Poster
Exceptional Learning Tool for Kids

Memorize Multiplication Tables Faster

Featuring 2 dry erase posters offering 4 sides to practice on: 2 pages of multiplication memory charts and 2 pages of single and double digit multiplication exercises.

Channie’s: Devoted to creating quality learning tools for children

Additional information

Weight .35 lbs

Why Channie’s Visual Writing Workbooks?

Channie’s is known for visual learning materials to make learning and teaching easy and fun for teachers, parents, and most importantly, kids.

Quick improvement is often reported by teachers and parents alike with children’s handwriting and for quickly building a better and more solid math foundation.

Here are 4 reasons why Channie’s Visual Writing Pads are so effective?

1 – Blocks for consistent letter size;
2 – Double vertical lines to guide proper spacing;
3 – Middle green shade helps in lowercase placement and writing in straight lines; and
4 – The ability to self-correct when writing outside the lines.


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