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Educational Handwriting Tools

Channie’s Visual Handwriting & Math was created out of a mother’s love and determination to help her son, Alex, who struggled with handwriting and math during his early school years. Recognizing that traditional writing sheets did not offer the visual guidance Alex needed, Channie developed her own visual blocked aids for handwriting, which eventually transformed into a full range of visual workbooks.

These workbooks not only addressed handwriting issues but also tackled math organization problems that children with ADHD, like Alex, often face. Channie’s ONE PAGE A DAY Math workbooks, featuring single digit to double and triple digit problems, became an instant hit, helping children improve their academic skills through visual aids.

Channie’s visual workbooks have made a significant impact on many children’s learning experiences, as well as provided support for busy teachers and parents. We encourage you to explore Channie’s visual workbooks and share your feedback and ideas with us. Together, we can continue to create tools that enable children to thrive academically.

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Sincerely, Channie