This paper is MAGIC!

My son has writing issues due to some learning disabilities and has really been reluctant to write because he is also a perfectionist. We are a homeschooling family and I’m always looking for good tools to help him, so I purchased this after reading the reviews. I have to tell you this paper has been an absolute GAME CHANGER! He went from struggling to write one legible sentence to happily writing with decent handwriting within weeks. I’m shocked, but it really does make sense once they get used to the paper. He’s now confidently writing on normal wide rules paper with very little issues. I can’t tell you how much it means to him. Thank you for creating this product! I will be using it with my kindergartener son this fall as he learns to write as well.

Purchased:  “Channie’s Quick & Neat Alphabet Pad” ASIN: B0175TRPTC

—R. Schu From Amazon

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