The Best Handwriting Tools to Help Your Child Improve in 2022

Are you worried about your child’s handwriting? If you are, we totally get it! After all, good writing plays a crucial role improves fine motor skills.

Also, legible writing has a strong influence on how the reader perceives the writing. So, your child’s handwriting will be a crucial factor when their teachers grade their papers. 

The thing is that when children learn to write for the first time, whether in manuscript or cursive, it takes a lot of practice until letter formation comes naturally to them. 

It’s the same with good handwriting, which is something that does not come naturally and is a talent that one must learn.

So, what’s the solution? Mastering cursive handwriting! 

Teaching a child how to write in cursive might even be considered a low priority for many educators, as handwriting becomes more obsolete with the onset of technology.

However, learning how to write in cursive is a fine motor skill which can benefit children later in life.

As for how to start, begin by teaching them to construct proper patterns. Sounds time-consuming? 

Well, not all handwriting practice has to be time-consuming or difficult. To help your youngsters learn, we’ve compiled a list of smart tools that will help your child reach their best penmanship:

Tools For Handwriting Lessons

#1 Workbooks For Handwriting

Good handwriting is a skill, which means your child will acquire it through a lot of practice by implementing a proper plan. A handwriting workbook will act as a bow in the quiver when your child is working on their handwriting.  

These workbooks generally consist of models of all the essential strokes and letters, proper writing lines, and tracing models, which makes it better than writing a letter on a blank sheet of paper over and again.

Handwriting workbooks consist of different ways to make children learn how to form letters. A handwriting workbook also includes self-evaluation reminders. Also, they give your children a proper experience of writing on paper, giving them the advantage of practical experience. 

Easy peasy Alphabet
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#2  Pencil Grippers

Pencil grippers are another essential handwriting tool. They come in various colors and forms, and they can help children learn how to hold a pencil correctly. 

Many children struggle at holding the pencils correctly, which develops into pain over some time due to improper grips. This is why getting your child a pencil gripper becomes a must in such cases.

Simply fit the pencil gripper onto a pencil and instruct your child where to place their fingers. They assist children in holding their pencils correctly, which otherwise may be difficult, painful, and stressful.

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#3 Animated Alphabets

An animated alphabet depicts proper letter and number creation stroke by stroke. It is a fun and easy way to make children learn how to write the alphabet. 

Many publishing firms provide animated alphabet models for all manuscript and cursive letters and digits. That means you may roam about the room as your child observes the formation of the letter. 

You may also pause and resume the letter to highlight a certain fundamental stroke or where the letter comes into contact with the writing lines.

Overall, the interactive component of animated alphabets enables students to trace and write the letter by themselves.

#4 Alphabet Desk Strip

The Alphabet Desk Strip is an excellent way to learn the alphabet. But remember that the laminated strip should have both upper and lower case forms and should be adhered to a desk, as it will be more convenient for viewing. 

The great thing about them is that the kids can practice writing over it as often as they wish. 

Desk strips give children a close reference that they may easily view when writing at their desks. 

The alphabet desk strip is also better than wall alphabet strips,  as they offer a close-up perspective. 

If you wish, you can also go for card decks since they are very similar and make the writing process even more fun.

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#5 LetterSchool App

Letter School is a fun app for youngsters as it teaches them how to write their names. 

While playing games, children learn to write in four stages: Intro, Tap, Trace and Write. LetterSchool guarantees that children will acquire all this information while developing necessary fine motor skills. 

This excellent handwriting training provides kids with a headstart when they start school. 

LetterSchool’s straightforward, consistent strategy provides significant cues to children. It works for all children, regardless of learning styles.

As a result, the program is also great for youngsters who reverse letters or numbers, as well as those with specific needs.

Over To You

As we can see, there are multiple ways for you to help your little one write better. 

It is noteworthy that these tools will not only help your kid’s handwriting look better, but also increase their writing speed. 

Both of these aspects are equally crucial to getting your child ready to receive an education. 

We would advise parents to select one or multiple tools mentioned here depending on their child’s preferences and the time they can allocate to learning. 

However, using a workbook is a must since they are, without any doubt, the most realistic tools to learn and practice good handwriting.

Final Thoughts

Remember, every situation has the potential to be a teaching or learning opportunity. 

As a slate, you may use a misty window or a sandy beach. Encourage your youngster to work hard and not be afraid to fail.

All it takes is the correct amount of practice and zeal, and soon, your child will gain mastery over fluent, strong, and cursive handwriting. 

After all, best handwriting practices are often a mix of the right tools, guidance, and a lot of practice. 

We have tried to include affordable tools so that every child knows how to write in cursive in their own way, at their own pace.

We hope this article helps your child improve their handwriting and overall academic performance.

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