How to Strengthen Reading and Writing Skills

Reading and writing go hand in hand! You can support your child using the science of reading principles that will strengthen both their reading and writing skills. Here are some ideas to help your child become a better reader and writer!

Letter Formation


Teach children to form letters correctly. Provide lots of practice using a variety of activities. When writing the letters, say the letter’s name and talk about the sounds the letter makes. Give examples of words that start with the letters for beginning sound practice. 

Multisensory Approach


Incorporate multisensory activities that involve both reading and writing. For example, tracing letters while simultaneously saying the letter sound or blending sounds to form words can reinforce phonemic awareness, a crucial skill for reading. 

Explicit Instruction

Explicit instruction breaks down concepts into small and manageable steps that are meaningful. This helps ensure the learner understands concepts and promotes skill acquisition. Provide explicit instruction in letter-sound correspondence and phonics rules alongside handwriting practice. Explicit teaching methods are effective in helping children understand the relationship between letters and sounds, which is fundamental for reading. 

Provide Feedback


Provide constructive feedback and correction during handwriting activities to ensure proper letter formation and spelling. Addressing errors promptly helps reinforce correct letter formation.

Work on Handwriting and Reading Together


Work on handwriting activities along with reading activities. For example, when introducing new phonics concepts or sight words, have children write them by hand before reading them in text.



Model proper handwriting techniques and letter formation for children to emulate. Demonstrate the correct strokes and formations while providing verbal explanations to reinforce learning.

Every child is unique.


Adapt handwriting instruction to individual student needs, providing additional support or challenges as necessary. Some students may require more practice with basic letter formation, while others may benefit from advanced handwriting skills.

Consistency and Practice


Encourage the consistent practice of handwriting alongside reading activities. Regular practice reinforces skills and improves fluency in both reading and writing.

School friends

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