How Handwriting Supports The Science of Reading

What is the Science of Reading (SoR)? “The Science of Reading (SoR) is a comprehensive body of research that encompasses years of scientific knowledge, spans across many languages, and shares the contributions of experts from relevant disciplines such as education, special education, literacy, psychology, neurology, and more… From this research, we can identify an evidence-based … Read more

Using Flashcards to Teach Children

Engaging Visuals Flashcards are a wonderful way to teach. They provide a visual way to of learning for people of all ages. Visual learning is a style that appeals to many people. Flashcards can include bright and colorful illustrations to capture the learner’s attention and motivate them to want to learn. Perfect For Home or … Read more

Development of Handwriting Skills

Writing involves many foundational skills.  Like most skills, writing is a process for children to learn. Before a child can write letters, they write lines. Before writing lines, they will scribble. Visual attention is an important foundational skill that children need to write. Writing also requires hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. Children also need to … Read more