Teach Your Child How to Read

As a parent, you may not always realize how much work it takes to teach your child how to read until you start. Learning to read is not a natural process. It does not happen on its own, and must be taught with patience and guidance. It’s a tricky and complex process requiring different skills … Read more

How To Teach Multiplication To Your Children Today

Many of us grew up memorizing the multiplications times table. So we pull out the flashcards and train our kids to repeat until they have them memorized. This tedious process paints a negative picture. It complicates multiplication, when it should be fun! Incorporate techniques that make it easier to teach multiplication to your kids. You … Read more

How to improve your child’s handwriting

Classroom learning has become more digital in recent years. This might make you wonder why your kids need dedicated classes on handwriting. The reality is that handwriting is more than putting a pen or pencil to paper. It’s an important skill that every child needs to develop. Here’s how handwriting works. First, it tells your … Read more

Teach your Children how to Write in Cursive

Teach your Children how to Write in Cursive Although computers and digital gadgets have pretty much done away with handwriting, it isstill important to teach your kids how to write in cursive. Read on for more tips! Teach your Children how to Write in Cursive Easy Peasy Cursive Workbook Cursive is a style of handwriting … Read more

How to Teach Addition to Your Children

How to Teach Addition to Your Children Nowadays, parents need to take mathematics home learning to the next level to keep theirchildren ahead of the game. Read on for more tips! How to Teach Addition to Your Children After learning how to count numbers, learning how to do addition is the next big mathematical step … Read more

First day, already improving!

When I received this email from Shannon Rose, a mom who purchased our Dry erase magnetic board, I was full of joy! ” I bought your magnetic visual dry erase boards for letters and numbers and wondered if you have them for cursive writing also. Thank you! First day and he’s already improved using this board!” How fulfilling knowing that we are helping families! Yes, we will create Cursive Dry er…

A mom’s review for Channie’s Quick & Neat Alphabet Pad

I actually received it to review for Abigail (my kindergartner.) I tried it with Hannah who is in Pre-Kindergarten, but she is just not quite ready to write yet. However, Abigail nearly has better penmanship than her third grade brothers so I decided to try it with her brothers also. And man oh man did I see some incredible improvement in their handwriting as we used this each day. The concept is …

Why Channie’s is every a teacher’s favorite!

When a concerned mom couldn’t find any solution in the market to help her son’s prolonged writing struggles, Channie took the matter into her own hands and developed this revolutionary learning and writing method to fix every challenge her son Alex faced during his first 3 years of school. In two months, Alex’s handwriting improved dramatically and astonishingly fast! In fact, local elementa…

The Trouble With “B” and “D”

When a child first begins to learn how to read and write, there tends to be a good amount of confusion. This is, of course, to be expected. The English language is in no way one of the easiest languages to learn. One of the most common mistakes kids make when they are learning how to write is reversing the usage of the letters “b” and “d”. This can be chalked up to how similar these two le…

Dysgraphia & How To Treat It In Your Child

Often the inability for a child to write legibly is chalked up to their personality and a general disinterest in penmanship. If your child is having trouble getting the hang of learning how to properly write, it could be an actual learning disorder known as dysgraphia. Dysgraphia specifically affects a child’s writing skills. This not only includes the way your child’s writing looks but also t…