Channie’s Reusable DINO Magic Water Mat- Mess Free Water Coloring Mat for Kids

  • Mess-Free Creativity: The Channie’s water doodle mat allows kids to draw, doodle, and paint without any mess; Simply use the included water pens and watch as the colors appear on the mat; No ink, no paint, just water!
  • Reusable and Inspiring: After 3-10 minutes, the drawings on the water drawing mat will magically disappear, leaving it ready to be used again; Your kids will have hours of fun with this drawing mat that saves on paper waste
  • Educational Fun: The water doodle mat is not just for fun, it’s also educational; With the included number stencil and drawing booklet, kids can learn while they play, making it a great educational toy for kids ages 3 and above
  • Easy to Install: The water doodle mat for toddlers comes with suction cups, making it easy to place on walls or windows; This means kids can lay it flat on the floor or draw vertically, adding a whole new dimension to their play
  • Devoted to Creating Quality Learning Tools for Children: Established in 2015, Channie’s provides handwriting aids and mathematics practice for young learners; Channie’s visual approach has made the brand a household name in the early education field



Introducing the Channie’s Magic Water Mat, a revolutionary and fun way for your little ones to unleash their creativity. This water doodle mat is the perfect mess-free coloring solution. It is designed to let toddlers and children create without making a mess. The mat uses water to bring color to life, making it a safe option for your child’s playtime. It’s not just a doodle mat; it’s an educational toy that helps kids learn numbers and shapes with the included number stencil and drawing booklet. Imagine the joy on your child’s face as they use the water pens and stamps to create their masterpieces on the large doodle mat. The best part? It’s reusable! The drawings will magically disappear after 3-10 minutes, allowing your child to draw over and over again. This aqua doodle mat set also includes a pen case for easy storage and suction cups, so you can stick the mat on walls and windows for a new drawing perspective. It’s the perfect gift for kids ages 3 and up, making it a hit at birthday parties or as a special treat. The Channie’s Magic Water Mat is a magical canvas for your child’s imagination. DM200


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Why Channie’s Visual Writing Workbooks?

Channie’s is known for visual learning materials to make learning and teaching easy and fun for teachers, parents, and most importantly, kids.

Quick improvement is often reported by teachers and parents alike with children’s handwriting and for quickly building a better and more solid math foundation.

Here are 4 reasons why Channie’s Visual Writing Pads are so effective?

1 – Blocks for consistent letter size;
2 – Double vertical lines to guide proper spacing;
3 – Middle green shade helps in lowercase placement and writing in straight lines; and
4 – The ability to self-correct when writing outside the lines.


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