NEW! One Page a Day Level 2 Division Workbook

  • Level 2 Division Workbook: Channie's 50 Page Educational Workbook has 6 division sections; Includes double, triple, quadruple, and decimal numerator divisions, as well as residuals; Comes with a quick math section to reinforce the basics and an answer sheet at the end
  • Ideal For 3rd To 5th Graders: This educational tool is especially designed for children in 3rd to 5th grade of elementary school; Useful for daily practice to learn how to solve different types of level 2 divisions
  • Designed For Quick Learning: Boxes are large and numbers are lined up so children can easily focus on calculation; Color-coded blocks aid in tracing uniform number size and alignment; Green shade anchors separate the problem from the answer
  • An Effective At-Home Teaching Tool: The visual aid our workbook provides is great for homeschooling; It can also serve as a complementary and fun activity kids can do at home to reinforce what they are taught at school
  • Improves Math Skills And Penmanship: Channie’s division workbooks encourage academic discipline and independent student work; Our 8.5 x 11 inches workbooks stimulate the love for math at an early age!


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Why Channie’s Visual Writing Workbooks?

Channie’s is known for visual learning materials to make learning and teaching easy and fun for teachers, parents, and most importantly, kids.

Quick improvement is often reported by teachers and parents alike with children’s handwriting and for quickly building a better and more solid math foundation.

Here are 4 reasons why Channie’s Visual Writing Pads are so effective?

1 – Blocks for consistent letter size;
2 – Double vertical lines to guide proper spacing;
3 – Middle green shade helps in lowercase placement and writing in straight lines; and
4 – The ability to self-correct when writing outside the lines.


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