THE POWER OF CHANNIE’S COLOR-CODED BLOCKS Channie’s revolutionary visual handwriting system has helped thousands of children achieve success in handwriting, math, and cursive, even where other methods have failed. Channie’s award-winning color-coded blocks aid in quick and easy writing. Shop Now Learn More Subscribe to Get 10% off 0 K Students Have gained confidence and … Read more

Teach Your Child How to Read

As a parent, you may not always realize how much work it takes to teach your child how to read until you start. Learning to read is not a natural process. It does not happen on its own, and must be taught with patience and guidance. It’s a tricky and complex process requiring different skills … Read more

How To Teach Multiplication To Your Children Today

Many of us grew up memorizing the multiplications times table. So we pull out the flashcards and train our kids to repeat until they have them memorized. This tedious process paints a negative picture. It complicates multiplication, when it should be fun! Incorporate techniques that make it easier to teach multiplication to your kids. You … Read more