Using Handwriting to Help Teach Foundational Reading Skills

Traditionally, writing was not taught until after learners started reading. Often, it was equated with handwriting, copying, and spelling instruction. However, writing is not simply a matter of forming letters; it is a way of expressing oneself, progressing from apparently random scribbles to meaningful marks to increasingly more conventional letters and spellings. From their first … Read more

How to Teach Early Math Skills

Teaching math skills to children can be fun and effective with the right approach. Here are some strategies and activities to help you get started: Start with basic concepts like counting and number recognition  Counting: – Counting Objects: Count anything and everything! I use everyday objects like toys or snacks to practice counting. You can … Read more

How Handwriting Supports The Science of Reading

What is the Science of Reading (SoR)? “The Science of Reading (SoR) is a comprehensive body of research that encompasses years of scientific knowledge, spans across many languages, and shares the contributions of experts from relevant disciplines such as education, special education, literacy, psychology, neurology, and more… From this research, we can identify an evidence-based … Read more

Teach Your Child How to Read

As a parent, you may not always realize how much work it takes to teach your child how to read until you start. Learning to read is not a natural process. It does not happen on its own, and must be taught with patience and guidance. It’s a tricky and complex process requiring different skills … Read more

How To Teach Multiplication To Your Children Today

Many of us grew up memorizing the multiplications times table. So we pull out the flashcards and train our kids to repeat until they have them memorized. This tedious process paints a negative picture. It complicates multiplication, when it should be fun! Incorporate techniques that make it easier to teach multiplication to your kids. You … Read more