My son, Alex, struggled with his handwriting during his first years of school and I was at a loss of how I could help or what I could do. It was really taking a toll on his self-confidence and delayed his learning abilities and I too felt frustrated not knowing how to help. I searched for something different but they were all the similar writing sheet product that did not help my son. He needed a visual guide. So, I created something to help him myself…Channie’s was born!

I saw changes in him within just a few short months. Not only did his handwriting dramatically change, his attitude toward writing changed significantly. Now he is proud of his neat handwriting!

Alex’s teacher asked me how he was changing so quickly and told me that a lot of young kids could benefit from the sheets I was creating for Alex. It is my goal to provide others with the same success and tools that I provided for him.


Great Way to help kids organize their math. Thank you!

I’ll get the 3 digit. The math books are truly genius. Strong paper that is organized and has excellent spacing fine for the child. My special needs kids don’t have the executive functioning skills necessary to organize the 3 digit math problems on their own. Plus they still learning those facts too.
It’s a tough n fast paced curriculum in 2nd grade! My daughters writing for her she’s not as reluctant to use the book n do —2 prob only!
I love the organization The kids can focus on ones first. Then you’ve organized perfectly their tens place and most kids handwriting has improved using the math books A few of the special needs kids still cannot use the actual handwriting workbooks yet.
Great job organizing this math into a grid. This is so helpful!!!! AMAZING math books!! books help the kids see an organized three digit l


First day, already improving!

When I received this email from Shannon Rose, a mom who purchased our Dry erase magnetic board, I was full of joy! ” I bought your magnetic visual dry erase boards for letters and numbers and wondered if you have them for cursive writing also. Thank you! First day and he’s already improved using this board!” How fulfilling knowing that we are helping families! Yes, we will create Cursive Dry erase board upon your request!  At Channie’s we commit to create more visual products to help our kids alphabet learning, handwriting improvement! If you have any suggestions, please feel free to write to me at


A mom’s review for Channie’s Quick & Neat Alphabet Pad

I actually received it to review for Abigail (my kindergartner.) I tried it with Hannah who is in Pre-Kindergarten, but she is just not quite ready to write yet. However, Abigail nearly has better penmanship than her third grade brothers so I decided to try it with her brothers also. And man oh man did I see some incredible improvement in their handwriting as we used this each day. The concept is very simple. The writer looks at the guide, pictured in my son Sidge’s hands below. (It is really hard to get third grade boys to just be themselves when they take a picture!).

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