My son, Alex, struggled with his handwriting during his first years of school and I was at a loss of how I could help or what I could do. It was really taking a toll on his self-confidence and delayed his learning abilities and I too felt frustrated not knowing how to help. I searched for something different but they were all the similar writing sheet product that did not help my son. He needed a visual guide. So, I created something to help him myself…Channie’s was born!

I saw changes in him within just a few short months. Not only did his handwriting dramatically change, his attitude toward writing changed significantly. Now he is proud of his neat handwriting!

Alex’s teacher asked me how he was changing so quickly and told me that a lot of young kids could benefit from the sheets I was creating for Alex. It is my goal to provide others with the same success and tools that I provided for him.


Helps with neatness

I bought this notebook to help my 4th grader refine her cursive skills. She has chosen to exclusively write in cursive for about the past year but still struggles to maintain the right letter height and spacing. I am hoping that this notebook will help her gain confidence in her writing. This is a plain notebook, with no workbook lines, it works great for copy work and letter or word practice. I will definitely purchase more of these as my younger kids become interested in cursive and writing. This product and the others I purchased came quickly with no incidents, thanks educents!

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—Torie T

Perfect repetition to improve handwriting!

Perfect repetition to improve handwriting. It may be boring to write the letter A over and over but that is the best way to master a new skill. My child loses patience after one row so we use markers and write each row in a different color so we have rainbow colored pages. The paper is thick enough that the color does not bleed onto the back.

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—The misses