My son, Alex, struggled with his handwriting during his first years of school and I was at a loss of how I could help or what I could do. It was really taking a toll on his self-confidence and delayed his learning abilities and I too felt frustrated not knowing how to help. I searched for something different but they were all the similar writing sheet product that did not help my son. He needed a visual guide. So, I created something to help him myself…Channie’s was born!

I saw changes in him within just a few short months. Not only did his handwriting dramatically change, his attitude toward writing changed significantly. Now he is proud of his neat handwriting!

Alex’s teacher asked me how he was changing so quickly and told me that a lot of young kids could benefit from the sheets I was creating for Alex. It is my goal to provide others with the same success and tools that I provided for him.


This paper is MAGIC!

My son has writing issues due to some learning disabilities and has really been reluctant to write because he is also a perfectionist. We are a homeschooling family and I’m always looking for good tools to help him, so I purchased this after reading the reviews. I have to tell you this paper has been an absolute GAME CHANGER! He went from struggling to write one legible sentence to happily writing with decent handwriting within weeks. I’m shocked, but it really does make sense once they get used to the paper. He’s now confidently writing on normal wide rules paper with very little issues. I can’t tell you how much it means to him. Thank you for creating this product! I will be using it with my kindergartener son this fall as he learns to write as well.

Purchased:  “Channie’s Quick & Neat Alphabet Pad” ASIN: B0175TRPTC

—R. Schu From Amazon

Helping Him Already

My son is on the older side: 9 going on 10. I put off working with him because I just knew his handwriting would naturally improve as he got older. Well, here he is going into 4th grade and his handwriting still looks like something a Kindergartener would write.

This notebook seemed like the most pain-free solution and so far, it hasn’t disappointed. Don’t get me wrong, he gets frustrated a lot because he’s never had to pay attention to his penmanship before, but it is slowly improving. His handwriting when he isn’t using this notebook is slowly improving.

One neat thing: when his big sisters (ages 10 and 13) saw his notebook, they exclaimed that they wanted some too! So I’ll be getting notebooks for all of them and they can all practice their handwriting together.

Purchased:  W600-Channie’s Quick & Neat Writing Pad

—Tiffani W

Great Product, Even Better Customer Service

We recently purchased this for our daughter to try instead of using standard lined paper when she practices her cursive handwriting. We are already seeing that it’s helping her fully form the letters, as well as allowing her see the proper heights for capital and lower case letters. Such a simple idea that has made a world of difference for us!

Also, when our package arrived, we realized we were accidentally sent the wrong item. We reached the company with no issue, and were sent the correct item along with a handwritten note apologizing for the mix-up!

—Summer K

What can i say? It is great from a mother to a mother!

I got an email from the owner of this company explaining who she was. I reply with my comments and in less than 5 minutes got a response. A very caring mother and entrepreneur. This product is fantastic. I was able to have my daughter learn to write and also bought 2 more of these. I will continue to buy because this is by far the best option for my daughter to learn to write. A highly recommended product. The only downside is the pages come off sometimes. That is no biggie, she will take care of it. I am sure.

—Ruth G